Best Brain Training Apps : Train your mind

We get tired of doing the same things every day. It also happens in our brain. Our brain will be sharp when we are studying in school. But often after that we think that the brain is losing the power to think. But there are so many games around us today that need to be brain boosted. Here are a few games that can stimulate our brain.


Lumosity is a good brain boosting game. That has popular in some years, It is a phone app lt can be used most of the brain trainers, It will be based on themes and games arranged for each day, Then monitoring how you play with it and analyze your progress over time.
Its paid premium version monthly subscription gives you a personalized priced at $11.99 a month, It is considered as a entry level game.

Dr kawashimas Brain training

Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training is a good brain booster method.It give a brain training into the main part and used as a switch version.
it will give series of challenges to complete each day , and monitor your performance and help you to work out according to your performance. They’re fun oriented games that don’t help you to increase your brain boosting.

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Elevate is a good brain boosting game, It has one of the two main apps named this space, and also work with Lumosity game, lot of players are part of this game.
It contain over 35 games help to understand your part. And also it is divided into 5 different parts.


Peak is a brain boosting game, It give scores points and develop in a good way, This game want to play everyday. Many of its games feel even more. this work along with your daily routines. once you take subscription it work along with all your devices such as apple phone.


Sudoku is an interesting game. It is popular in school days. now different apps available for sudoku game. It can be available in the form of puzzles. you can also play it using pen and paper. It work very good for our brains. As your choice you can use it these brain games.

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