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Branded Shirts Wholesale in Bangalore: The cloth trade is a very lucrative business idea. At the same time it is difficult to find good quality fabrics at low prices. What often happens when you buy cheap fabrics is that they have no quality at all. Besides, the people of Kerala do not like low quality many imported clothes. Today here introducing a shop where you can get good quality men’s shirts at very low prices.

What type of shirts are available here?

Fabrics made from Ahmedabad are sold here. South Indian style shirts price start at Rs 115.

Checks, line ad flower prints are available in different colors and sizes. Half sleeve shirts start at Rs 115. Full sleeve shirts start at Rs 120. Similarly, those who want to buy medium quality shirts will have to pay a price of Rs 140. Shirts in different designs in light and dark colors can be purchased in low price.

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All these are of good quality so there is no need to be afraid of color mixing. It is guaranteed by the shop itself. Small, Medium, large, XL, XXL can Choose Shirts in all sizes are available.The shop following the latest trend may not get such a discount in other shops.

Shirts made of satin,cotton material are all very good looking. Linen model shirts can also be purchased here at very low prices. Such shirts are priced at Rs 165. Single pocket and double pocket shirts can be chosen by everyone.

Those who want to start their own shop can first go directly to the shop and buy the goods. Clothes can be purchased by calling and buy online. The minimum order of Rs 3,000 in case of direct delivery and Rs 10,000 on phone pe through online.

If you purchase for 10, 000 rupees, it will cost about 80 pieces. These can then be purchased in different colors such as three-pack or five-pack. You can not buy a shirt or a set. The shop guarantees that the color will not fade for any reason. However, it is important to look for and purchase a good quality product.

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Those who want to buy shirts at wholesale rates at very low prices can contact NiPra Garments, a wholesale shop located in Sultanpet, Bangalore. Watch the video to know more. The contact number is given below.


Nipra Garments- Wholesale Men collection

Contact number: 8073 785 020, 8209 472 812, 8460 072 480.

Address: Shop No 333 3rd floor siddachal tower, Sulthanpett, Bangalore-560053


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