How to sell photos online

How to sell photos online : Have you ever thought about selling your photos online? It’s a great way to make some extra money, and it’s also a great way to get your work out there. But before you start putting your photos up for sale, there are a few things you should know. In this blog post, we will go over everything you need to know about selling photos online, from what platforms to use to how to price your work. So whether you’re a professional photographer or just someone who likes to take pictures, read on for our tips on selling photos online.

What type of photos sell well?

There are many different types of photos that sell well online. Some of the most popular categories include nature, landscape, and travel photography. However, other genres such as portraiture, event photography, and even food photography can also be very successful.

One important thing to keep in mind is that potential buyers are often looking for specific kinds of images. For example, if you specialize in nature photography, you may have more success selling your photos to magazines or websites that focus on outdoor topics. Similarly, if you’re a travel photographer, there are a number of stock photo agencies that focus specifically on this genre.

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Do some research to find out what kind of photos are in demand, and then try to produce images that fit those needs. In addition to catering to specific markets, it’s also important to create a large and varied portfolio so that potential buyers have plenty of options to choose from.

Where to sell your photos online

There are many ways to make money with your photos online. Here are some of the most popular:

1) Sell your photos on stock photography websites. This is a great option if you have a large portfolio of high-quality photos. Popular stock photography websites include iStockPhoto, Shutterstock, and Fotolia.

2) Create a photoblog and sell advertising. If you have a significant following, you can make money by selling advertising on your blog.

3) Sell photo prints and other products. You can create an online store to sell photo prints, calendars, mugs, etc. Websites like Zazzle and Cafepress make it easy to set up an online store and start selling products.

4) Offerphoto tours or workshops. If you live ina popular tourist destination, you can offer photo tours or workshops to visitors. This is a great way to local businesses as well as earn income from your photography hobby.

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How to price your photos

When it comes to pricing your photos, there are a few different things to consider. First, you need to think about what type of license you want to sell your photo under. There are two main types of licenses: royalty-free and rights-managed.

Royalty-free licenses allow the buyer to use the photo for pretty much anything they want, without having to pay any additional royalties. This is the most common type of license for stock photos. Rights-managed licenses, on the other hand, give the buyer a bit more control over how the photo can be used. For example, they may only be able to use it for one specific project, or for a certain amount of time.

Next, you need to decide how much you want to charge for your photos. This will depend on a few different factors, such as the size of the photo and the resolution. You’ll also need to think about whether or not you’re willing to negotiate on price.

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Once you have all of this information figured out, you can start setting prices for your photos. If you’re not sure where to start, there are a few online resources that can help you come up with a fair price. Once you have your prices set, all that’s left is to start promoting your photos and making sales!

Tips for selling photos online

1. Decide what type of photos you want to sell.
2. Find a reputable website or marketplace to sell your photos.
3. Choose the right price for your photos.
4. Create a portfolio of your best work.
5. Promote your photos online and offline.
6. Be patient and keep taking great photos!


There you have it! Our guide on how to sell photos online and make some extra cash. If you’ve got a knack for photography and are looking for a way to monetize your skills, then this could be the perfect solution for you. With so many different platforms to choose from, there’s sure to be one that’s a good fit for you. So what are you waiting for? Start selling those photos today!


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