Low Price Tiles in Kerala | 1 square feet tiles price 25 rs

Low Price Tiles in Kerala : Flooring material is an integral part of home construction. Finding good quality flooring material is not an easy task and low-cost tile materials are more likely to be damaged quickly. Here is an introduction to a shop that offers good quality tiles at a discount of Rs 25 to Rs 35 from regular shops.

What type of tiles is available here?

Larger tiles can be purchased here with a tiny smaller than the premium quality ones. They have only minor scratches that ordinary people cannot detect. The White large tiles cost around Rs 45 per piece.

Tiles can be purchased only after visiting the shop and checking the quality. That is the warranty given by the shop. All tiles in size 1600 * 800 start from Rs. 45.

You can choose the tile in different colours like white, black and brown. Tiles of the same size all come at a price.

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Many people give up because they have to pay a high price to choose what they want when choosing a material. This one shop will definitely help them to fulfil their desire in such situations.

Dark and Light shade Black and White Tiles with a premium quality look can be purchased from the shop. Here is a huge collection of tiles in a matte, glossy finish. A few smaller tiles, priced at Rs 50, can be purchased at the shop for Rs 35. These are available in different colours and can be selected as required.

The 4 * 2 size glossy type tile is priced at Rs 55. If you want to buy these tiles at a very low price, you can also contact Gujarati Tiles, a shop in the Malappuram district. You can watch the video to learn more.


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