10 Best Android Apps April

Most of US use an Android phone for daily use. The best part of Android is the availability of apps. Google Play Store is the place where you can find apps for your Android smartphone. There are over a million applications on Google Play Store. Searching for a particular app is a big task for a common user. In this article we are going to to introduce you to the top 10 Android Apps that you can give a try.


Do your Android phone comes with the default keyboard you might want to try other keyboards. Type voice is one such keyboard app that will help you to improve your typing speed. It has a unique honeycomb design that is proven to improve your typing speed upto 4 times. Another unique feature of this app is a support for more than 40 languages so you can type using any of the 40 supported languages, it can predict the language and auto correct mistakes which helps increase your typing speed.


Mika is a file hosting and cloud storage service with end-to-end encryption. Mega enables users to store data or files with maximum security and privacy. The files uploaded to Mega is encrypted with the user key hence the user has complete control over the data that is stored on the server. Mega offers 20gb of free storage for the user which can be upgraded by a paid membership. Apart from the usual storage solution Mega allows users to chat with contacts and share files with them. Mega also has video call feature which is also secured by an end to end encryption.

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Cryptocurrencies are the buzzword of today. If you had ever thought of trading in cryptocurrencies for Bitcoin then metamask is for you. Users can access their wallet using app or thru the website. The wallet is secured by blockchain technology. More than just wallet metamask is also a browser extension which operates on blockchain technology. Using the browser extension users can access decentralized exchanges, gaming platforms and many other applications

Sleep as Android

You want to track your sleep? Do you want to know how good your sleep? When sleep as Android is here for that. It uses the inbuilt sensors on your Android phone to track your sleep and give you valuable information on your sleep. The app can give you tips and tricks to improve your sleep thus helping you improve your health. A sound sleep means it will be difficult for you to get up in the morning. You won’t be able to to turn off the alarm unless you to solve a puzzle.

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Fenix 2 for Twitter

Fenix is a Twitter client which gives you a much cleaner and better Twitter experience. It is a paid app with plenty of powerful tools underneath. It has a much refined variant of material UI which is a pleasure to use. It allows you open multiple accounts at the same time as well as mute conversation based on various parameters. You can customise the main screen and your list and recent searches are just a swipe away. It comes inbuilt with amazing image and video previews and support for external apps such as YouTube.


Whicons allows you to change the icons on your phone and to customise the way your screen looks. It has a large catalogue of icons and supported apps. It is one of the best icon packs currently available on Android tried this and you will never go back. You would need an external launcher to customise the icons but don’t worrywhicons have you covered. Most of the launches are supported.


Gamify your life. Yes you heard it correct habitica is a habit and productivity app that treat your life like a game. Motivates you With in-game rewards and punishments. Habitica can help you achieve your goals to become healthy, hard-working, and happy. You can manage and track your activities, goals and habits a mobile app or a web interface

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Monefy is the most popular budgeting and money management application available on Android. You can track your payments and earnings throw monefy app on your mobile or Tablet or even with your better half. It comes with a set of default categories but of course you can customise as you wish by adding or changing categories.Adding a new record is as easy as touching a button. You can synchronise your records with Google Drive or Dropbox account. It supports multiple accounts.


Wi-Fi AR uses Augmented reality to find network and their signal strength. Your phone must be compatible with Google AR code for this application to work. To use the application simply point your camera towards any location and you would see e networks and their signal strength. WiFi ARCore is a super useful tool that helps you identify the WiFi networks in your surrounding area and turns this seemingly bland process into an interactive experience. Once you’ve found the network that you’d like to connect to, just click on it and the app will automatically take you to your Android’s WiFi configuration screen.

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