Affordable Auto Clean: Your Destination for Car Washing Machines Starting at Just Rs.1700

Today, the number of people who use vehicles in our country is much higher than in the past. Therefore, no one hesitates to spend a lot of money on vehicles. Although there are many types of car and bike washing equipment available on the market, many of them cost a lot, but the quality is very low. Here we introduce a place where you can get washers used to wash cars and bikes at very low prices.

Additionally, there are machines available for washing bikes and cars. Car washers starting from Rs. 1700 to Rs. 15000 are available here. The price above can also be obtained from here.

The car washer of the Scorpio brand has been designed in a way that is very thin and uses very little power as it is connected to the AC. The price of such washers starts at Rs. 3000. These can be taken anywhere. All car washers purchased from here come with a one-year warranty.

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Also, aluminium and copper bending machines are available here. A DC motor powers the armature. Car washers that work with normal motors belong to the aluminum-copper category. The price of the machine with a working pressure of 130 and a cutoff pressure of 200 starts at 8000 rupees.
A 140-bar gun machine with 2400 watts of power can be used continuously for two to three hours. Such machines are also available in the shop for a low price. All of the necessary accessories are available separately from the shop.

There are 5m and 10m hose pipes used in car washers for different machines. Also, the shampoo jar and filter can be purchased separately. The filter price starts at Rs. 15. 10 variety types are available for those who need a separate gun.

The input hose can be selected as cotton or nylon, as per requirement. Sharp brand car washers are not only portable but also cost Rs 1800.
The price of a Powertuff brand machine with 2300 watts is 4800 rupees. The cost of a 2400-watt machine with 130 bars is 4600 rupees. The Copper Winding GAOCHENG brand machine is priced at Rs 6600. The copper-winding 150-pressure, 2400-watt power-giving machine is GI-coated. The price is 5800 rupees, and all these should be cleaned after using the gun.

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The aluminium winding top-end machine is priced at Rs 6700. An aluminium winding machine is also available for 4700 rupees. Laser Tech brand machines can be used up to 700 bar maximum. The price is 7,200 rupees. Coimbatore is there for those who want to buy bikes and carwashers at meagre prices. The shop ‘Payir Agro Tech’ can be contacted. The contact number is added below.

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