BigLuck: The best money making app

BigLuck is a simple money making app which helps you to earn money within a short span of time. It is an app which has been launched recently. This great app provides payment at the right time, it is very easy to use and it doesn’t involve any risks. You can withdraw money within a very short span of time and there are various withdrawal methods too. All these are the advantages of this app.

Most people wouldn’t be aware about this app as it has been launched recently.

Step by step guide on how to use this app:

• Open the app and in its downward side, you can see an option ‘Login with Google’. Click on that option and join in it using any of your Google account.

• Next, you will be asked to enter referral code. It would have come automatically. If not, you can give it in the description and you can type it by looking at it. Then, click on submit.

• Then, you will go directly to the application interface. You need to wait till it gets loaded.

• Next, you can see various options such as Daily Bonus, Spin & Win, Survey Offer, Task Offer, Max Offer and Scratch Card.

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• Click on the option ‘Max Offer’. Wait till it gets loaded. Move to the downward side where you can see two options, Feedback and Join Us. Click on ‘Feedback’ and you will be directed to the Playstore. You can see the option ‘Rate this app’. Just type 1 or 2 in the star you see below this option. Then click to go backwards.

• Next, you can see the option ‘Discard Draft’. Click on Discard Draft. Then, go backwards again. You can see that 100 coins have been successfully added to your account. Then you can see the option ‘Complete Feedback’. You don’t have to give a review for that. Just click to go backwards.

• Then you can see the option ‘Join Us’. Join us refers to joining their Telegram account. Click on that option and then you can see an option which will be directed to their Telegram page. Join on their Telegram group named, ‘Multi App Company’. Then you will see that successfully 100 coins have been added to your account. So, in the initial phase itself you have earned 200 coins.

• Then come to the most downward portion of the page and click on the third option, where you can get to see your wallet. You can see 200 coins in the option ‘Current Coins’.

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• Then click on the option ‘Daily Bonus’. Then, you will get the message that 200 coins have been successfully added to your account. Here, 200 coins refers to Rs. 2.

• Next, click on the option ‘Spin & Win’. The advantage of this option is that you will be provided with unlimited spins without any risk. Spin the wheel and you can earn a small amount. For instance, if you get the number 10, you will get the message that you have won 10 coins from Spin & Win. Next, there is a high possibility for an ad to appear. Just wait till the ad gets over. After skipping that ad, another ad may appear and you can again spin the wheel. It is an unlimited process. You can spin the wheel as much as you wish to.

• Then, click on the option ‘Scratch Card’. You just have to scratch here. You can scratch in an unlimited manner as per your wish. After each scratch, a small ad will come. For each scratch, you will earn different amount.

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• Next, click on the option ‘Task Offer’. Task offer contains many offers. You can see an option named ‘Earn Coin’. Below that option, you will be asked to download various apps and complete surveys. By completing the surveys, you can earn a huge amount. But while downloading apps, if you had downloaded the same app earlier, you may not get the amount.

• Next, we have to learn about the amount withdrawal process. There are 3 options to withdraw the money. In the downward portion of the page, click on the third option. Click on that and you can see the option ‘Current Coins’, where you can see an option named ‘Redeem’. Click on the Redeem option. You can redeem in three ways. You can withdraw as cash to Paytm or diamond to Freefire or Google Gift Card. You can select the method of your choice. For instance, we are selecting Paytm. In Paytm, there are three options: If you have earned 5000 coins, you will get Rs. 25, for 10,000 coins, you will earn Rs. 50 and for 20,000 coins you can earn Rs. 100. 5000 coins can easily be earned in the initial phase itself.

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