Here are 5 amazing Android apps for you !

There are millions of free mobile apps for Android on the Google Play Store and we can’t seem to pick on a particular one. It becomes confusing to find the right one. No matter what type of top-notch Android app you are searching for, many similar apps can puzzle you when it comes to choosing the best one.

Here are some free apps for Android you should be looking up to, specifically if you own an Android device and wish to add some notable apps to your armory.

Listed below are some of the top Android apps you need to try:


Heynote is an application for Android that provides you with the opportunity to add reminders and important texts to the main screen of your smartphone.

It is actually a live wallpaper app mixed with a note-taking app. You leave notes on your wallpaper and re-apply it to get your reminders right on your home screen at all times. It is a neat way to accomplish the feat without extra push notifications or a widget. You can create notes over plain backgrounds or simply write them over your existing wallpaper. Just remember that this is a wallpaper app, so if you decide you don’t like it, you still have to switch your wallpaper back to what it was manually. It is also free as of this writing.

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Vivaldi is a multi-platform browser which provides robust personalization controls to help users create the browser they want. Vivaldi allows users to open any website in a split-screen panel, categorize tabs in two-layer tabs stacks, and customize the theme and appearance of the browser. Vivaldi also comes with built-in features like a search engine, ad and tracker blocking, private mode, bookmark management, notes, screen capture, and much more. Built on Chromium, Vivaldi is compatible with any Google Chrome extension.


STOKiE is an Android application with a large collection of quality images for wallpaper. Users can choose full screen pictures to personalize the mobile device. This mobile app has a huge collection of high resolution wallpapers. You can select images to install on both homescreen and lockscreen. STOKiE offers images for specific phone models. You will find collections for Asus, Google, Huawei, Samsung, Sony and other brands. You can view the popular images which are most often chosen by users. It is possible to customize the image before installing the wallpaper. There are tools for adjusting contrast, clarity and temperature. This app lets you choose the scale of the image. You can set the ratios of the sides to show correctly on the screen.

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There is a feature of auto wallpaper change. In this case, each time you will have a new image on the main screen. Developers add new images every week, so you will always have a lot of options.


It seems pretty silly, but when we stare at computer screens, tablets, and phones, we tend not to blink, without even realizing it. This causes problems with our eyes.This is the reason why sometimes your eyes feel arid after a long day staring at a screen. And without the oil change from blinking, the surface of the eye dries out very fast. They become more acidic, a concentrated tear that will further irritate the surface of the eye. The only solution for this problem is to blink more often. Blink app will help you to keep your eyes hydrated by reminding you to blink by showing you an animated eye icon in your screen every few seconds.

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The end of the month is one of the most haunting times of your lives — it is the time to pay all your bills, be it subscription services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Tinder, and other online payments. Billbot is an app that claims to help you with just that.It is an app which keeps note of all your online expenses. You can add the services you are using from a tab in the app. It requires you to manually type in the amount initially, but later on it keeps reminding you about the same price tag.You can set the duration to monthly or yearly depending on the service you are using. This app lets you check your monthly total and how much is pending and even provides you with a yearly estimate. The app’s UI is intuitive and you can also add multiple profiles if you need to.

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