Daily Expense Manager: The most beneficial app that you will ever come across

Most people are unable to manage expenses in their lives. Daily Expense Manager is an amazing android app which helps to manage the expenses. You can download this app from the Play Store. After downloading and installing this app, you have to open this app. You can see an interface which contains of various menus such as add, history, pending, settings and reminder.

Now let us see how we can add our income and expenses to it.

Click on the button Add. On the top portion you can see two icons namely, income and expense. You have the option to move these icons as per your wish. If you want to add income you can click on the ‘income’ icon, or if you want to add expenses you can click on the ‘expense’ icon.

Firstly, let us try to add income. You have to select the income icon. In the space provided in front of the price option, you need to enter the amount. For instance, we are entering Rs. 10,000. The next option is category. You have to mention the category from which this income came. It could be your salary amount or if it is some commission amount you can add it onto category. After that comes the description option. You need to describe the way in which the amount came. The next option is payment mode. It could be either in the form of cash or cheque. So, here you have to add the payment method. Then comes the last option picture. The slip that we get from the ATM can be added as a picture here. Finally, you need to save it. We have added income using these procedures.

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Secondly, let us try to add expense. You have to click on the Add button again. You have to select the expense icon. In the space provided in front of the price option, you need to enter the amount. For instance, we are entering Rs. 500. You can already set the categories as per your choice such as movies, health and food etc. Otherwise, in the downward portion, you can see a button to add categories. You can add the categories on the basis of how your expenses are coming. For example, we are now selecting the option Medical and adding Rs. 500 to it. Then you have to specify the payment mode. If you have to add some bill, you can add into it.

You can see another option pending. If some amount is pending for instance, electricity bill that can be added into it. Otherwise, if house rent or any other expenses are pending you can also add it.

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Now, let us take the option history. By using this option, you can see the history of all your transaction details. You can sort out it on basis of date. You can check your expenses of a particular month. Otherwise, if you enter the income of a particular month it will be added. The next option is category. You can mention the categories such as food, movies etc. for which maximum expenses were spent. From category, we can get to know regarding the month in which most of our expenses were spent. Now let us select the option payment module. There may be cash payment module or cheque or if any other module has to be added, you can do so. Next, let us take the option customs. You can search either on the basis of date or by categorizing. By doing so, the main advantage is that we can get to realize where we had spent our amount the most. Another option is reminder. Reminder refers to for instance, the date on which you pay the bills, the date on which you pay your rent etc. can be set as reminder. On reminder option, click add. Then on the basis of date you can set reminder. Then there are other options like heading, price, description and image, and there is also the category option to which you add this reminder.

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There is another option called edit in which we can edit the reminder we had already set. Then let us take the option view. We can view the reminder that we have set.

Daily Expense Manager is a very light app. You must try this app as it would be very beneficial for you.

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