The best VR apps in 2024| Virtual Reality Apps

We all live in a modern age. That is why we are surrounded by many areas that make use of virtual reality. The use of games and 3D virtual reality apps is not uncommon today. But many of us are wondering if it is possible to enjoy the wonders of reality in return for so little money. Virtual reality is being used in various fields such as education and health care, and the use of VR has increased significantly in the US Army and Navy. Here’s a few reality apps that can be used on your Android phone in such a situation.

VR Theater for Card Board

It is one of the best 3D VR glasses app used in Android phones, Using this app you can enjoy high definition 3D movies and amazing effects along with the movie. Its graphics make an amazing experience. This app support MP4 format files and provide lot of controls over there.

The most important Features of VR Theater for Cardboard are:

  • Easy settings option.
  • High graphics quality.
  • Real world sound effects.
  • High support and no configuration needed.

Sites in VR

This app make a the virtual reality mask Ans allow you to download, and this app specially designed to take on virtual tours in different parts of the world. The countries includes in virtual tour are Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Morocco, turkey Kuwait, Yemen Holland, Greece, and Spain, Italy, France etc. historical lovers will get a chance to explore architecture for different countries.

Most important Features of Sites In VR are:

  • The app u sers don’t want to use a gyroscope or compass to use the app
  • User can experience 360-degree panoramic view
  • Support other VR apps.
  • High quality graphics.
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Google expedition

This is an app that make great VR experience. This app helpful for those who wants a great learning and teaching application using virtual reality and help them to recreate real-world experience. The app has been currently using more than a million users. Using this app you can explore the world, find the most relevant information just a click away.

The most important Features of Google Expedition are:

  • You can Explore the world through VR
  • Perfect guide
  • Help others to exolore
  • You can Connect with different part of the world

GOOGLE Cardboard

This VR app make a great experience for those in love in VR.It can be done through your smartphone.This can be Support with a wide range of different apps,It also allow the users to make to run virtual reality apps.

Most important Features of Google Cardboard are:

  • App Users can make and upload their own 360 degree videos.
  • This app users can be used with a gyroscope
  • Make a h igh level of interactivity method.
  • pixel-precise projection available

FullDive VR

This app is a robust free VR app and that provide the best virtual reality experience and used rich kind of VR content.Using this app users can follow social channels, friends’ videos and even comment on them. this app allow you to watching 3D and 360 photos and videos as your wish.In the future thia app will add more features like a VR video player player, a VR browser, camera, mixed reality apps, and a VR store etc..

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The most important Features of FullDive VR are:

  • You can streams all YouTube videos in VR mode.
  • Allow the user to stream 3D YouTube videos in VR.
  • User can also Store and access the pictures and videos in VR mode.
  • Also available the Option to browse the internet.

Google Street view

Google Street View is one of the best and great VR apps for Android phones, that provide a virtual reality war experience in space for users. It contains amazing graphic quality experience and 360 views video, That make a real-life experience for the user.

The most important Features of Google Street View are:

  • Make the 360 Panoramic view experience.
  • User can Explore the landmarks of world.
  • Help to discover natural wonders around world.
  • Alao provide real-world images and info


This app works both Android and iPhone. This app comes with gripping tales set that help the user to explore the world of a vivid imagination and events, and it also offerings many other features. User can create favorite character and enjoy their creations using VR.

The most important Features of Sketchpad are:

  • Users can follow their favorite character.
  • User can explore categories
  • Search using keywords features
  • You can share, like creations.

Trinus CBVR Lite

Watching videos on a VR this is a good option. Trinus CBVR app is a Lite, one of the top VR apps used today, It alao provide the luxury of playing intelligent and exciting games that require a combination of strategy and science to solve the puzzles. this is a good platform tostart a new journey with Cardboard VR or receive new VR technology.Its games are not limited and played without headset.

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The most important Features of Trinus CBVR Lite are:

  •  This game Involves strategies to solve science mysteries and so on
  • Make a New VR impression experience.
  • User can easily Cardboard’s trigger accessible
  • Device can be Compatible with View-Master, Fibrum etc..

VR space

As their name indicate this app make Stars and planets fascinate the user. Using the VR Space app, that fascination comes alive as users get to take a virtual reality tour and make a special experience. user can feel the galaxy up close. VR headset, VR Space gives a make a different experience.

The most important Features of VR Space are:

  • Thus app offers HD graphics of Sunstar feelings
  • The Users get to ambient music experience
  • No touch controls needed for use thus app
  • It can also Works with a cardboard headset device

VLC for mobile

VLC for Mobile, is a popular video playing and streaming app that has a new experience.VLC for Android app allows the user to experience the favorite movies, animation stories documentaries in Android devices. User can customized the app.

The most important Features of VLC for Mobile are:

  • App will support Multitrack videos
  • VR Trackpad facilities
  • Provide Floating screen
  • Special sections for a better experience
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