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Droid cam is a free software which turns mobile phones and tablets into webcams. This freeware requires that the Droidcam wireless webcam application is installed on the mobile device and a PC client component is running on the computer; people need both the mobile app as well as the PC client because the webcam drivers need to be installed by the client to connect the computer to the portable piece.

Features of Droid cam

• You can chat using Droid cam Webcam on your computer, including sound and picture.
• It is free with no usage limits or watermarks.
• You can connect over WiFi or USB.
• Microphone noise cancellation.
• You can use other (non camera) apps along with Droid cam in the background.
• It keeps working with the screen off to conserve battery.
• IP web camera MJPEG access (access camera via a browser or from another phone/tablet/etc.).

How to use your smartphone as a webcam, using Droid cam

Connect using Wi-Fi (Android and iOS)

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• Turn on Wi-Fi and connect your Windows laptop and phone to the same network.
• Then, launch the Droid cam app on your phone and click on the ‘Wireless’ option.
• The next screen should display the ‘WiFi IP’ and ‘Droid cam Port’ information. If the ‘WiFi IP’ appears, it means that you are not connected to the Wi-Fi.
• Then, launch the Droid cam client on your PC or laptop and enter the ‘WiFi IP’ and ‘Droid cam Port’ as displayed on the phone. Click on the ‘Start’ button.
• Now launch the video conferencing app and check the webcam output by clicking on the ‘Webcam’ or ‘Video’ settings. For instance, if you use Skype, go to Settings > Audio & Video > Select camera source.

Connect using USB (Android)
• Connect your phone to your Windows laptop or PC with the USB cable.
• Then, go to your phone’s Settings > Developer Options > Enable USB debugging. If you see a dialogue box asking for ‘Allow USB Debugging’, click on OK. This step is vital because USB connections take place over Android Debug Bridge (ADB).
• The ‘Developer’ options are hidden on most phones. To enable it, go to Settings > About Phone and tap on the ‘Build number’ 7 times.
• Launch the Droidcam app on your phone and ensure that the phone is connected to the laptop or PC.
• Now launch the Droidcam client on the PC and click on the ‘USB’ option. You can see a screen with display devices dropdown option and port information. Click on the ‘Start’ button and the Droidcam client will automatically detect your phone and establish a connection.

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Connect using USB (iOS)

• Firstly, connect your iPhone to your Windows laptop or PC with the USB cable.
• One thing to note is that you need iTunes downloaded on your Windows PC in order to connect using a USB cable. If you do not have iTunes, you can download it for free. Once you login to iTunes, it will automatically detect your iPhone.
• Then, launch the Droidcam client, select the ‘USB’ option and tap on ‘Start’.

Connect using Browser

• The Droidcam app also lets you connect to the camera using a web browser.
• Connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network and open Droidcam.
• Open Chrome on your PC or laptop and enter the ‘Browser IP Cam Access’ information ‘http://192.168……./video’ and click Enter.
• You can also specify resolution of the video in the URL by using the path including ‘force’. For instance –http://192.168…./video.force?1280×720.

Advantages of Droidcam

• Easy to use
• Lightweight
• No watermark
• Unlimited usage
• Compatible with chat programs

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