The best mobile games App of 2024

Nowadays, there is no one who does not use a smart phone. Therefore, the importance of games with mobile phones has increased. There are many games and apps available today that can be played online. The uniqueness of these apps is that they can customize many games in different categories like Action, Memory and Strategy. Not only that, the fact that most games can be played for free also increases the popularity of mobile games. If in the past everyone loved games like snake and ladder but today everyone loves to play PUBG and Clash of Clans. But many of us do not know which games can be played with interest without paying such money. Here are some gaming apps that you can play with your favorite games.we can classify them in different categories.

1)action and adventure games

Such games can be chosen by those who love action and adventure. Take a look at the action and adventure games that can be used in Android iOS apps.

  • 80 days :  80 days is an app that can be played on mobile phones by combining Secret Puzzle and Adventure. The purpose of this app is to play the game through different events. The game becomes more interesting with the inclusion of Indiana Jones in a round of World Eight Days as well as Mysteries. 3D visuals and sound tracking are some of the highlights. The game is played in a way that tells a story for more than 10 hours. Achievvments are received at the end of each stage. The graphics can be customized to your liking.
  • Clash of clans :  Clash of Clans is a very famous adventure game. The game progresses by giving Clash Lands a measure of your skills. The purpose of this game is to survive as far as you can without dying. The game becomes very interesting with the addition of Weapons and Mission Challenge to play the game. Another feature is that you can also play offline. Different stages, challenges, and the ability to create a game base that can be played with skill are the highlights.
  • critical ops :  It is a game that can be played individually or in groups. The game is built by combining action and competition. This is a game that should be played very fairly. This game can only be played by learning a lot of skills and learning new mechanisms. You can play the game by joining the Clans at will. A team bomb can de-fuse another team. It is very easy to make points and win. The game is available in quick and match mode.
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Below are the games you can choose from if you like racing or sports games.

  • 1Asphalt 9: Legends : All you have to do in the game is to choose the car of your dreams and defeat other speed machines A. Here you will find cars like Lamborghini and Porsche Ferrari. This is definitely a game to choose from for those who love arcade and drifting. Hyper Realistic and detailed HDR visuals are the highlights. The top 50 cars in the world are at your fingertips. Multiplayer can play with you online. Car control features and community building capabilities are also provided to help reach more people.
  • Hovercraft: Takedown : The game is set up in such a way that you can choose the weapons of your choice and run on cities and highways. More than 8000 players, new weapons, different players, very smooth animation and the ability to play until you win the use of gun laser missiles are all notable features.
  • Race the sun : This is an action oriented game built with emphasis on the new generation. You can even reach the sun with your source power. But when it gets dark, you will die. This is a game that can be easily controlled with a lot of graphics and played with jokes and simple tricks. Only one time install fees are required. Other features include chase the sun, stay in the light all the time and play in a short time.

Below are the games to choose from if you are someone who wants to play survival games.

  1. Life after night falls : This is a free zombie shooter survival game. The game progresses in a very mysterious way. Everyone who survives has a target. Let’s end the game by shooting the zombies. Your mission is to win in front of the zombies. For that you have to go alive till the end of the game. This is a game that gives a lot of excitement. Weapons and vehicles can also be built using Post Apocalypto.
  2. PUBG mobile : Pubg is one of the most loved games right now. The game goes on with multiplayer online. Pabji plays on the mobile in a slightly different way from the PC counter . Guns, ammo, gadget and vehicle are all available for play. Daily credit and other cooling gear are also interesting. You can invite your friends and play in this one game which gives a lot of visual experience.
  3. Day R survival : It is a game that is played by over 230 million people. Experience is given to a battle in this one game which gives a lot of thrill and includes a lot of new roles. A fully upgraded 8 * 8km map is a special feature. Only one person will survive this death match. There are a lot of features available like Epic Class Mode and Zombie Status Infrared Scan.
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Below are some of those gaming apps that you can choose from if you are interested in playing arcade games.

  • Minecraft : Minecraft is a very popular arcade game. This is a game that can bite from another platform with other players. The gamer can dig into the food and reach survival mode. You can survive alone or in groups and play the game. This is a game that can be played by up to 10 friends together. Features include free add-ons and comments on game play to enhance your gaming experience.
  • Pokémon Go : Pokémon Go is a very popular game, an augmented reality game. The game has to be played in different ways like driving, walking and biking. Pokeball is collected using poke stops. Battle with other Pokemon trainers, exchange trainer codes and send gifts.
  • Spaceteam : This is definitely a game to choose from if you are a Star Truck fan. Expansion in play mode, waterproof tear resistant cards and cross platform multiplayer to find more surroundings are all notable features. If you are a shipping leader you have control over all of the switches and dialogs. So you can give mans.

If you are looking for RPG games you can choose from the following.

  • Final fantacy tactics : If you are a follower of Final Fantasy series then this is a game you can definitely choose. Initiative touch screen control, loading time, a more classic game, tactics for those who like to choose from, and mixed map reviews are all features.
  • A Dark room : As the fire spreads in a cold dark room and someone takes action, you will need more wood to light the fire. This is how the game is developed. You can play this game with no ads and no micro transaction with offline support. This is a game of choice for those who love puzzles.
  • star traders : This is definitely a game to choose from if you love space exploration. It can be played as a role playing game. Procedurally Generator features a galactic map, the option to customize the spaceship, different levels, and rewards for each accomplished.
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If you are someone who likes puzzles then look for games to choose from.

  • Candy crush saga : There will be a saga filled with colorful candy. All you have to do is mix the same candies together. Benefits from Daily Booster New puzzles are added every two weeks, play online and offline, and sync multiple devices.
  • Framed 2 :  Framed 2 comes with an update to the previous version of Framed .The features are Polaroid style instant photo, Hideo Kojima’s game, Inventive puzzles etc..
  • The witness : This is definitely a game that can be done with a lot of witness for those who like to solve puzzles. The app is designed to display every hint, Different locations to explore,more than 500 puzzles available, cloud support, Audio quality are feature games

Below are the games to choose from for those who love card games

  • star realms : This is a very popular card game. These are very important in terms of multiplayer support, exclusive card of player, and games that need to be played with a lot of strategy but are easy to play. These can be used mainly on Android phones. This is a game that can be quickly expelled if the cards are not used correctly.
  • Silver : Silver is one of the best games of 2021. Designed using Artificial Intelligence. Other features include the Multi Player option and the Silver Bullet Silver dagar. It is designed to give a very feel and look. You can take a break from playing for five to six minutes. This is a game with a lot of competition.
  • Spider solitire : This card game is divided into 5 segments. The game starts with 4 cards and then up to 8 cards. Extra Income Attack Point, 200 cards can be arranged in different ways and can be played alone or not. This is definitely a game of choice for those who love deck building.
  • Hearth stone : This is a very exceptional mobile game. the features are it include battle iconic heroes, real-time combat, single-player missions, different Options in, craft, or collect powerful cards are important things. Although there are many gaming apps available to choose from, be careful not to overdo it when choosing each app.
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