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Happy Box: Play Fun games & Earn Wallet Cash is a free entertainment app which was developed by Buzz Developer. Its latest version is 1.0.1, which got released on June 24 this year.

Estimated number of the downloads is more than 1,000,000. Overall rating of this amazing app is 4.3. Generally most of the top apps on Android Store have rating of 4+. This app has been rated by a total number of 13,701 users, of which 1,830 users rated it 5* and 10,096 users rated it 1*.

Happiness in your mobile app, that is ‘Happy Box’. You can play entertaining games, relieve your stress of the day to day lives, and earn cash easily with this stunning app.

How to install Happy Box: Play Fun games & Earn Wallet Cash on your mobile phone:

• Download and install Happy Box: Play Fun games & Earn Wallet Cash app on your mobile phone.

• Open the app and select the language of your choice. Then, you can login using your mobile number or email id. For instance, you are typing your mobile number and on the downward side, you can see the option, send code. Click on that option and then you will get the pin code as OTP on your mobile number. Copy that pin code and paste it into the area named Pin Code.

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• Then click on the login button and after logging in, this app will be opened in your mobile phone.

• In the app’s home page you can see so many online games. You can easily earn money by playing any of these games.

• On the upward portion right hand side, you can see a + button. By clicking on that button, you can forward this app’s link to your friends on WhatsApp, Telegram and other social media platforms and invite them to join this app.

• You can earn Rs. 6 per invite. If you go to the section Earn Money, you will get to see many money-making tasks. You can click on those tasks and earn money through it easily. The money you get from these tasks will be in the form of coins, which you can withdraw as Indian money.

• There are various tasks. You can complete daily tasks, there are quiz games through which you can earn plenty of coins. There are also many rewards. You can also watch ads and videos or you can install apps. Various such tasks can be seen in this app.

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• You can try out any of these tasks and after the successful completion of the tasks, you can earn a lot of money.

• In the section Invite, in the upward portion, you can see the option Friendlist. If you click on that option, you can get to see the friends list who joined under you.

• If you click on the section Me, on the upward portion, you can see My Balance option through which you can get to know how much money you have received through this app.

• In the section, Today Income, the daily profit you get, you will get in the form of coins. It will be converted every day to Indian Rupee. Then, this can be seen as money in the My Balance section. Below that, you can see the option to withdraw the money. By clicking on that option, you can withdraw an amount ranging from Rs. 1 to Rs. 300 as per your wish. For that, you have to click the option To Paytm. Then, you have to enter your real name, mobile number registered in the Paytm and your phone number and confirm it. Then, the amount that you have received from this app can be very easily withdrawn from Paytm.

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• There is an option named Ranking List in this app. By clicking on that option, you can get to see the ranking list of those who earn the maximum money on a per week and per month basis.

• You can also make changes in the app settings. In the upward side, you can click on the Profile option and update your profile details. There are various such amazing features in this app.

• Those who download and use this app for the first time will get Rs. 80 as free join bonus.

Download this great app, play wonderful games, and you can easily earn plenty of money quickly.

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