Computer Launcher app-Turn your phone into Windows 10 Desktop Computer!

Computer Launcher is a stunning app that totally transforms your smartphone’s interface and gives it the look of a computer with Windows 10. The effect is pretty amazing! There is a start button, your notification center, the clock on the lower right side of the screen, etc. Using the start button, you can quickly access all the apps you have installed as well as all the launcher configuration options and the button to turn off or restart the device.

The best part about Computer Launcher is that it doesn’t just affect the main screen; it also changes the file manager which turns into an exact replica of the classic ‘My Computer’ section. You can use this section to quickly and comfortably access all the files on your Android phone. And as you can imagine, you can carry out any action you could with Windows.

This app is an excellent alternative to any traditional launcher because it offers you a totally different experience than what you are used to. It is ideal for those who want to feel like they are using Windows, even on their smartphones.

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Features of Computer Launcher:

• Easy app navigation.
• Built-in file explorer.
• Action Center feature.
• Create and manage folders.
• Customizable themes and wallpapers.

Advantages of Computer Launcher:

• It gives you a real Windows experience on a phone.
• It is user-friendly and smooth.
• It is very useful and productive.
• It has a high speed.
• It never causes the phone to slow down.
• It is unique and consumes less RAM.

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